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PI - Blog

PI - Blog

 What is BlogOverdrive?
BlogOverdrive is a web based, state-of-the-art content generator application that will automatically add relevant content to your blog or website from any RSS feed based upon your list of keywords using BlogOverdrive's token replacement technology. This SEO blogging software technology is perfect for blog content, blog marketing, SEO content and more!
A BlogOverdrive account, really?
Yes! The basic BlogOverdrive account provides 60 posts per month, for only $4.99. With this account, you can post from one RSS feed to one of your blogs. We hope you like BlogOverdrive enough to upgrade to one of our most powerful, feature packages, starting at only $19.95 per month. These packages offer up to 2,000 posting per month and more formatting features than the basic account.


 How does BlogOverdrive work?
BlogOverdrive works by utilizing one of your keywords every time it “grabs” the content from a specially formatted RSS feed and then posts that content to your blog.
 Will this content help my search engine rankings?
Sure! BlogOverdrive is fantastic for SEO purposes. Think of the content BlogOverdrive is generating as "food for the search engines". With the help of BlogOverdrive, your are “feeding” the search engines every day with targeted, relevant content which will result in higher rankings, more traffic and more sales. BlogOverdrive does not replace good article writing but should be viewed as another SEO tool to obtain higher rankings.
 I have a website, not a blog! Can I still use BlogOverdrive?

Absolutely! In fact most users of BlogOverdrive actually use it to add content to their website by incorporating their updating blog on the home page of their website and letting the search engines find this new content when they visit or "spider" their website. To see an example of how to use and integrate web content provided by Blog Overdrive


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